First Appointment in Baltimore

We got up at the crack of dawn and drove to Baltimore. The previous evening we were debating: do we get up ridiculously early and drive from West Virginia, or do we go into town and leave from there. We drove into town, finally crashed around 1am.

In Baltimore we got another in depth sonogram. This was actually Scott’s first time to see the babies!!!! This sonogram confirmed the results of the previous one. [insert data].

We talked to Dr. Harmon at length, and he told us that most likely we were dealing with selective intra-uterine growth restriction (IUGR). We were just happy it wasn’t TTTS, though sIUGR can turn into TTTS at any time. He told us that there were several courses of action.

There’s an obvious growth difference in the babies. One is measuring 38% larger than the other. The good news is that everything for the small baby is currently normal, it’s just really, really small.

He told us that there are several things that could happen:
1. Things progress as they are and both babies develop at the same rate, one will just always be small, but everything  is fine
2. The big baby keeps developing normally, but the smaller baby starts to fail. In this scenario, they’ll first determine how many weeks along I am.
2a. If less than 24 weeks, they’ll have to do a laser procedure to separate the connections between the babies. The big baby will grow normally, but the small baby will die.
2b. If more than 24 weeks, theyll deliver me and the babies will be in NICU for a long time, but both should make it.
3. Finally the full blown TTTS could develop

According to the doctor, both babies are healthy. He thinks there’s a 50% chance for option #1 and the other 50% is divided between the other options.

So we wait and see. I’ll have to have weekly ultrasounds, but I’m going to try to alternate them between Baltimore and Fairfax so that we don’t have to drive as much. Also if option #1, I’ll be delivering by c-section around 32-34 weeks. There’s about a 50-50 chance I’ll be delivered at Baltimore too since their NICU is one of the best- a top 5 pediatric cardiology unit. If delivering in Fairfax, I’ll still deliver at a different hospital than originally planned because now a very good NICU will be really important.

What this also means is that I’m officially leaving my ob! But now I’ve got to find someone who will take a high-risk patient this late in the game….


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