Research continues

By the time I got home, Scott had looked up the Baltimore center, saw it was one of the recommended facilities from the TTTS Foundation. He had been reading online, gathering data.

I called Mary at the Foundation, and she was wonderful! She went through all the TTTS-specific questions with me, suggested I call the doctor back and get the answers to the questions — she said knowing the answers would give me more information.

Once I got all the data points from the doctor, we realized that I didn’t fall into the parameters for TTTS. We were close with Baby B because he had low fluid, but his fluid was still in the normal range.

I spent the rest of the day googling. Google can be your best friend, and it can also be your worst enemy. Just when I’d stop crying, I’d read something that got me started again. Even stories with positive outcomes made me tear up, tears roll. Scott then banned me from Google, from the computer for the rest of the weekend. That was the best thing he could have done!


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