16 Weeks

I made my peri appointment for the day after my 16w appointment with the OB. I wanted to tell her about it and get her opinion. She actually tried to talk me out of going! Said that the babies would be too small to determine anything, nothing could be done, I’d be wasting my time.

So then I was filled with overwhelming doubt. Do I go, do I not, what do I do??? I even went as far as going over to the peri’s office (it was just across the hall from my ob) to talk to them, get their opinion again. No one was in the lobby or the front desk — it was lunchtime. So I left, spent the rest of the day debating.

Finally I just said, ‘it’s not going to cost me anything to go so I might as well.’

The next morning, I go. I immediately get an ultrasound, get to see the babies. I’m so excited to see them again, but can immediately see the size difference. This time they were about 3 weeks apart and about 34% different in size. The peri came in, voiced his concern, mentioned TTTS again, said he was referring me to the specialists in Baltimore. The tears just started rolling. I couldn’t hold them back anymore.

After my appointment was made for the next day, I drove home just bawling the entire way. I called Scott on the way, he was concerned about the extreme opinions — my doctor not wanting to do anything, the new doctor talking TTTS and specialists. I sent him the information for the place we’d be going to, and he was able to research it while I finished the drive.


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