The online multiples community

The first advice I was given when we found out we were having twins was to find the local Moms of Multiples group and join. So I did. The Northern VA area actually has two. And then I started looking primarily at multiples-specific forums on various other websites. These forums have been invaluable. And the people I’ve ‘met’ online have been the most friendly, most kind people. I guess with multiples, it’s such a unique experience that everyone who’s been there is more than willing to help someone else.

From there, I learned that most women with multiples start to get monitored on a much more frequent basis. Much sooner than my current ob would have me. I called, but she still wasn’t going to order another ultrasound until 20 weeks, 18 at the very earliest.  I posted this on a couple of the boards, and on every single one women told me I should be monitored sooner, that waiting till 18 weeks was just too long.

But who am I to argue with my doctor? I haven’t had the schooling she’s had. But my gut….

I kept seeing the same group of perinatologists mentioned on the DC-area forums, so I decided to call and plead my case. Without a referral, they wouldn’t take me.  Well crap. So I kept searching for more recommendations and found someone else. They would take me as a self-referral. I made my first appointment for the day after my 16w appointment.


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